“Brennan was assessed by the social worker today and he’s meeting all 16 month milestones!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!! 9 months ago I thought he was destined to a life of disability and now he has a real shot at a somewhat “normal” life. I’m just so amazed with his progress. She closed his file today because he’s no longer in the “red/monitor zone”! I’m one happy momma!”

– Melissa Crawford, MD, Ontario, Canada

“I consider myself fairly educated and had done a lot of research about Sensory Processing Disorder.  Even so, I’m glad I worked with Maria because she offers a fresh perspective, and, every time I thought I knew it all about a particular issue, Maria would always offer one more thing that was tremendously valuable and help me connect the dots with my son’s health issues.

I cannot express enough the power of her connections – people that she was able to put me in touch with to get my questions answered about therapies specific to my son’s needs.  She worked with me to prioritize the overwhelming number of therapies out there for my son so we could focus on which ones would help the most.

Maria is exactly what I needed, and I’m so thankful I found her.  I’ve seen significant gains with my son who has Sensory Processing Disorder after I followed Maria’s recommendations, particularly about adrenal health.  My DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor said that “the adrenal support that Maria brought up is profound”.

She also has a lot of insight and connections into therapies that helped, and she helped me find a terrific AIT therapist.  Now, my son is giving me hugs and kisses.  He’s more freedom-seeking and independent, and he’s made huge gains with developmental milestones.  He’s noticing things more and is making huge progress with eating.  He was always a follower, and now his real personality is emerging!  He handles disappointment well now, and he plays with other kids so much better.  In fact, he’s now showing interest in going to school.

Maria has also helped me put MY health on the front burner, too.  It’s so easy to let the stress of taking care of a special-needs child build up and create health problems for the mom.  She made sure to remind me that taking care of my own health is just as important as taking care of my son’s.”

– Monica Stancil, Holly Springs, NC

“Maria was invaluable in helping me improve my own health and that of my two children who have sensory processing disorder. She provided tons of personal support, listening ear and resources such as informative webinars, specialist referrals, product names, recipes, just to name a few. I would have needed to spend countless hours to even come close to discovering all of those by myself. She is very understanding, smart and insightful when it comes to looking at the root of the problem and finding a path to its resolution. I highly recommend Maria to everybody who feels alone or just lost in all the information about what could be done to help our kids!”

Julia Itskevitch, Sunnyvale, CA

“I thoroughly recommend anyone considering doing the program with Maria to do so.  I did for my son who has been diagnosed with ASD, SPD, anxiety, plus a few more letters of the alphabet! I found Maria to be an absolute wealth of knowledge, completely understanding of the struggles we were facing as well as supportive, encouraging and inspiring.  We still have a long road ahead of us with my son but now I have the tools to help us recover our son.  I intend on continuing with Maria as it is invaluable to us to have someone supporting us who knows exactly what we are going through and how to help us through it.”

Liz Carrapetta, Sydney, Australia

“I feel very grateful and extremely lucky that our paths crossed. No one else cuts across multiple disciplines because that’s the challenge: everyone else is just looking at one piece of the pie. You’ve helped me understand these issues with the eye of a skeptic because you back up what you say with your research.”

Mom, CT

“Maria’s program improved my asthma symptoms.  Before I started her program,  I was using a full puff of an inhaler 6-8x/day, and now I am no longer using any inhaler.  I also recover much more quickly from sickness, usually in one day.  My body went through a cleanse.  I feel so good and have so much energy that I’m ready to start running!  I would recommend Maria’s program to anybody who has any type of allergies, gut issues, asthma, immune issues or behavioral issues. You have be patient, though, because it doesn’t come quickly.  The continual process of the 6-month coaching program is more helpful than anything because I was continually getting information and working it into my life.”

Vincent Demonbreun, Little Rock, AR

“Maria Rickert is an extremely bright, kindhearted and knowledgeable nutritionist with a particular interest in the health concerns of children.  She is up on the newest developments and I recommend her enthusiastically.”

Marvin Schweitzer, ND, Clinic Director, Wellness Institute, Norwalk, CT

“Working with Maria has completely changed the lives of my entire family for the better.  Over the course of her program she taught us everything it takes to build our immune systems and lead healthier lives.  My husband and I are both fitness professionals and thought we knew a lot about nutrition and supplements, but after meeting Maria we realized how much more there is to know, and how to sift through all the conflicting information out there!  My family rarely gets sick anymore and we all have more energy.  Thank you Maria for making such an impact and helping us to feel our best!”

Ashley Kindt, Westport, CT

“Maria is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, and the healing and recovery process. I highly, highly recommend her!”

Beth Lambert, Executive Director, Epidemic Answers, West Simsbury, CT

“Maria is a wellspring of important information on nutrition and how diet affects mental and physical health. Her personal health history has made her compassionate towards others who are finding their way to a healthier life.”

Pauli Halstead, Owner, Primal Cuisine, Cooking for the Paleo Diet, Nevada City, CA

“Maria is a passionate advocate of Holistic Health & Wellness. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge through education, research and personal experience. Maria is a well respected health professional and has established herself as a leader in her field.”

Michelle Kazukaitis & Pauline O’Sullivan, Directors, http://www.theallergymenu.com

“Maria is passionate about raising awareness about the causes of many of the neurological challenges children are facing today. After recovering her own children, she is now paying it forward by educating parents through webinars, seminars, and a powerful blog. I would highly recommend Maria to any parent who wants to help their child overcome AD/HD, autism, allergies, or asthma.”

Jennifer Covello, The Purposeful Parent, Award-winning Author, Blogger, Mompreneur, Speaker, Norwalk, CT

“To anyone that is considering hiring Maria, I urge you to do so. You will not be disappointed. She is the most intelligent woman I know. She possesses that rare combination of book smarts with common sense. She understands any subject, then breaks it down into layman’s terms for her clients for what the problem is, what you need to do, and why.

The fantastic thing is, not only does she know it……..she’s lived it. She understands what you’re going through, and what you need to do to make a change. No trial and errors here, just follow her advice and you’ll see positive changes. She’s done the research for you thereby making it easier and faster for you to get better. She does the leg work — you follow the plan. This is someone who completely knows her area of expertise and how to heal. She understands not just one area but is open minded in looking at numerous approaches.

I put complete faith and trust in her knowledge and ability and I highly recommend her to help with your natural health issues.

Maera Busch”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Maera Busch, Barrie, ON

“Maria is a focused hard working young lady! She is totally knowledgeable on her topics and presents them in a professional manner that she makes easy to understand and implement.”

Glen Colello, Founder/Director at Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe, Fairfield, CT

“I have been a friend to her family for more than 10 years, I have seen her evolution as an expert, and I recommend Maria because I believe in her and the work she is doing. On several occasions I have turned to her for her expertise and she was right on. I also know that in a business that can be filled with less than reliable “experts” she is the real deal. Her desire to consume information is astounding and her ability to connect with people is admirable. She knows her stuff. She is reliable. She is smart. She is a person worth connecting with if you need someone to turn too for holistic health advice.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Matt Kovacevich, Auburn, ME

“Maria is very knowledgeable about the topics she talks about in her blogs and in the non profit in which she has been working with. I have recommended her to a friend of mine who has a child who has sensory processing disorder and my friend has reported great changes that are working for her child and even herself as a result of working with Maria. I highly recommend her as a specialist health coach working with people who have autism, SPD, auto-immune diseases, and the other areas of her specialty.”

Sheila Tarantino, MS, Holistic Health Coach, Genuine Living & Wellness, New Haven, CT

“I liked Maria’s gradual approach in the 6-month program, as it takes time to develop new habits.  I learned how to substitute new foods to replace old ones that weren’t so good for my health.  I really value changing these habits and the introduction of new things into my diet.  It’s clear that I’ve been nutrient-starved, and after Maria showed me how get more nutrients into my diet, I noticed an energy change for the better in my body’s happiness.”

Alex Horsky, Westport, CT

“Maria has a wealth of knowledge in the field of nutritional healing. She is also a great blogger for Epidemic Answers, providing insight into the causes of this epidemic of illness that the current generation is faced with.”

Michelle Tortora, Vice President, Epidemic Answers, Fairfield, CT

“I have known Maria for many years.  She is intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated to any task.  I would highly recommend her as a Holistic Health Counselor.”

Mike Smith, Technical Sales Analyst, Halliburton, New Orleans, LA

“I worked with Maria at the same investment bank, but really came to know her talents after leaving the firm. Maria has transformed her career by transitioning out of the world of finance and into holistic health counseling, where she has not only dramatically improved the health of she and her family, but become known in the field by the quality and depth of her knowledge. Maria is a passionate activist in the field of health and nutrition and is highly regarded because of her serious commitment to increasing the awareness of many under-reported and widely unknown causes of chronic health problems and disease. Maria’s journey actually inspired me to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I will be forever grateful for her inspiration and encouragement.”

Gloria Brooks, Supervisory Analyst, Indaba Global Research, Dallas, TX

“Maria brings an analytical and results-oriented approach to health and wellness through her focus on nutrition. Her background as a data-driven research professional and multi-year experience in the no-nonsense financial investment world make her stand out in this space. You can always count on her to offer a differentiated and well-researched perspective, offered with the passion of somebody who truly loves what they do and believes in the positive impact they can provide.”

Menno Ellis, Management Consultant, Independent, Plano, TX

“There are a lot of mothers writing about their efforts to recover their children from the chronic childhood developmental disorders of our time, and Maria Rickert Hong was actually successful at recovering her two sons. Plus she did something more such mothers should do – she took care of herself, too. Maybe that’s why she is able to be so energetic and prolific! Now she is branching out and using her knowledge and experience to help others. The few people who are successful at recovering themselves or their children from chronic conditions do not tend to stick around their communities and help others, so Maria is very valuable. As a volunteer at Epidemic Answers, I post articles to the blog, and I always look forward to seeing what Maria will write next.”

Jennifer Elrod, Freelance 3D Artist